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Sorbetto - Blood Orange, Coconut, Vanilla Bean

Sorbetto - Blood Orange, Coconut, Vanilla Bean

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The Sorbetto - Blood Orange, Coconut, Vanilla Bean Soy Candle is the scent of refinement and subtlety, with the intelligence not to overpower its environment. Created with an organic coconut soy wax blend and the highest quality essential oils, this luxurious candle fragrance is a luscious note of tangy fruits with sweet blood orange and exotic Persian lime, on a heart of creamy coconut falling into buttery vanilla bean, finishing it off with a touch of cinnamon.. A great addition to any room in your home, friends and family members will love indulging their senses with this candle. 

  • USA Made - Proudly hand crafted in California
  • Vegan - 100% plant based organic candle
  • Sustainable - Organic coconut soy wax blend, unbleached cotton wicks for a clean burn, recycled glass
  • 100% Free of Chemicals - No petroleum, harmful synthetic fragrances, colorants, animal by-products or GMO
  • Perfect for Your Home or Gift - Stylish glass container can be repurposed as stemless wine glass after burning
  • Packaging - Tree free paper, printed in soy ink

5% of sales for this product is donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation providing help and inspiring hope to those affected by breast cancer through early detection, education and support services.

Fragrance: Sorbetto - Blood Orange, Coconut, Vanilla Bean Soy Candle
Burn Time: Approximately 80 Hours
Wax: Organic Coconut Soy Wax Blend
Wicks: 100% Certified Unbleached Cotton Wick
Material: Recycled Glass, Reusable as Stemless Wine Glass
Size: 16 oz.
Shipping: Approximately 7-10 days within United States only

Note: Use care when burning candles and never leave a burning candle unattended.

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Sanari founder Rebecca Aghalarpourhas is a breast cancer survivor and after her diagnosis wanted to rid her home of toxic chemicals, but also longed for her tradition of burning candles to relax, so Rebecca created a line of organic soy candles made entirely from plants and essential oils that are healthy and wholesome to burn, filling your home with a range of subtle fragrances and healing, beautiful light. These vegan, organic, candles are USA made in California, eco-friendly, environmentally conscious and sustainable.  5% of Sanari retail sales are donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation to support the 1 out of 8 women that will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Experience the love that flows through each Sanari candle yourself, or, present it as a gift to share with someone important to you.

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