TV Console ethically handcrafted from sustainably sourced wood
TV Console ethically handcrafted from sustainably
TV Console ethically handcrafted from sustainably
TV Console ethically handcrafted from sustainably
TV Console ethically handcrafted from sustainably


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The Mid Century TV Stand features modern sensibilities with clean lines and solid cabinets that open with ease providing plenty of storage space. 100% handmade from solid, sustainably sourced hardwoods.

  • Hand Crafted: By artisans in Nicaragua
  • Sustainable:  Made from sustainably sourced wood
  • Perfect for Your Home: 

Support reforestation in Nicaragua

Made especially for you.  No Assembly Required

Design: Mid Century TV Stand
Size:  65" W x 19" D x 24" H
Frame Material: Sustainably sourced hardwood (Teak, Walnut or Mahogany)
Care: Intended for indoor use 
Shipping: Approximately 10-12 weeks United States only. Need it sooner? Contact us this item may be available for quick shipping and upgrade delivery service. Standard delivery is curbside and does not include inside placement, set up or debris removal

Each table is hand-crafted therefore there may be some slight variations. 

 Hand Crafted Icon   Sustainable

Masaya & Co started with a passion for reforestation and a commitment to social responsibility. Dedicated to elevating the artisans of Masaya Nicaragua and returning the land to its natural use Masaya & Co makes handcrafted, handwoven furniture that integrates modern and contemporary design with traditional artisan production methods. "From Seed to Seat" Masaya & Co strives to be the responsible alternative to mass-produced goods. Their sustainable model vertically integrates reforestation with their sustainable forestry practices and finished products. Each furniture piece is handcrafted and handwoven by skilled artisans, ensuring every piece is completely unique. To date, Masaya & Co has planted over a million trees on 1100 acres of re-forested land that sequesters carbon dioxide, provides renewable timber, becomes a wildlife sanctuary and has a positive economic impact on their local community.

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