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Elsmo Lacebark Elm (ulmus parvifolia 'Elsmo')

Elsmo Lacebark Elm (ulmus parvifolia 'Elsmo')

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Practice the Art of Bonsai - The Chinese Elm cultivator 'Elsmo' is a round-headed bonsai tree with graceful growing habits. The green leaves turn yellowish to reddish purple in Fall. Resistant to Dutch Elm disease.

  • Health Benefits: Effective for air purification, reduces stress by teaching patience, self confidence and compassion
  • Easy Care: Hardy
  • Suitable for Indoors: Research care instructions
  • Great for Beginners:

Name: Ulmus Parvifolia 'Elsmo'
Bonsai Age: 10 years old
Size: Approximately 20 inches tall from base of pot
Pot: May vary from photo based on availability
Shipping: Approximately 9-12 business days within the Continental United States only
Bring the outdoors in and breathe easier.

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