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Bread Warmer & Basket - Bird Oval

Bread Warmer & Basket - Bird Oval

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Ethically handcrafted bread warmer. There’s nothing quite like the smell of warm bread on the weekend. Here, our terracotta plate has been engraved with a bird and leaf design and cut to fit neatly into an oval basket. This special bread warmer is naturally insulating, and the basket itself has been handwoven from sustainably grown seagrass. It’s the best gift item for anyone who loves bread!  

  • Sustainable: Ethically sourced, all natural, environmentally friendly materials
  • Hand Crafted: By fair trade artisans in Bangladesh, preserving heritage, culturally rich designs and processes
  • Perfect for Your Home or a Gift:  Rich texture compliments any style home or office
  • Easy to Use: Preheat terra cotta in oven, 350 degrees,  5-10 minutes, or in microwave, 2-4 minutes. Wrap in towel, place in basket, add bread
  • Stays Warm for 40 minutes: Enjoy warm bread, muffins, tortillas with every meal

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Dimensions & More Details
  • Design:  Bird Oval

  • Size: Approximately

- (Bread Warmer) 0.5" tall x 10.75” wide x 6.25" deep
- (Basket) 3.25"t all x 12" wide x 7.5" deep

  • Material:

- (Bread Warmer) 100% Terra Cotta
- (Basket) 100% Seagrass and Jute Wool

  • Color: Natural
  • Due to the handcrafted nature, slight variation will occur in design, color, and size.
 How to Care for This Item
  • Bread Warmer: Wipe stone with a damp cloth. Dry well. NOT dishwasher safe
  • Basket: Dust or vacuum your basket on a regular basis, wiping with a damp cloth if necessary.
  • Do not rub stains or spills from your basket as this may spread the stain and loosen the jute fibers.
  • Whitewash can be removed with pressure wash, or by hand
  • Be sure to dry properly after water damage.
  • Be sure to keep out of direct sunlight, or color can change and fade.
  • Please use care when handling hot terra cotta plate

Shipping: Approximately 7-9 days Continental United States only

  Sustainable      Hand Crafted Icon     Fair Trade

Korissa is a socially responsible company supporting local communities in developing countries by providing generous wages, healthcare and education opportunities to local artisans, dedicated to preserving heritage crafts passed down from one generation of women to the next. Environmentally friendly products are ethically crafted, all natural materials and hand made for your home. Korissa is proudly working towards achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's). Sustainable Community - SDG11. Responsible Production - SDG12. Transparent Partnership- SDG8.

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