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Bicycle Lights 5x5 Art Block

Bicycle Lights 5x5 Art Block

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Transform your space into a work of art with the exquisitely crafted Bicycle Lights 5x5 Art Block. Charming original artwork by Michelle Ciarlo-Hayes on front, the solid reclaimed wood block is given extra depth with salvaged book paper on its sides and back. Non-toxic matte varnish ensures a safe and stunning finish. 5"x5" size allows you to create a series or fill small walls. Perfect to sit on a shelf or table top, this art block adds a touch of elegance to any room.

  • USA Made - Original artwork by artist Michelle Ciarlo-Hayes
  • Hand Crafted - Original artwork is mounted on the front, salvaged book paper covers the sides and back. Back is signed by the artist. 
  • Sustainable - Reclaimed wood block covered with original art on the front and vintage book pages, sealed with multiple layers of non-toxic matte varnish
  • Ready to Hang - Keyhole opening on back, no need to add hardware
  • Perfect for Your Home or Gift - Small enough to mount a series on a wall, sturdy enough to sit on a shelf or table top

No two are alike on the sides and reverse: the salvaged book paper on your block makes each one a true original (the paper on your block will look similar to photos but not identical).

Design: Bicycle Lights
Size: 5"x5"
Material: Original artwork mounted on reclaimed wood block, covered with vintage book pages on sides and back
Shipping: Approximately 5-7 days within Continental United States only

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Michelle Cairlo-Hayes is an award-winning artist, creator and story-teller inspired by fables and legends. She photographs and illustrates each inspiration and weaves images together to create unique digital collages. Environmentally responsible Michelle uses reclaimed wood, discarded books and non-toxic varnish on all her original pieces or art.

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