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Achuar Blanket - Ash Grey

Achuar Blanket - Ash Grey

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Ethically handcrafted blanket with multiple colors in pattern. The Achuar Blanket is named after a group of people who reside in the foothill rainforests of southern Ecuador. The Achuar Blanket is great for your outdoor adventures, simple moments of relaxation, or creating an indoor oasis for your home. Whatever the weather may bring, these blankets will give extra comfort, vibe, and ambience to life’s most treasurable moments. Soft and versatile with a touch of Ecuador's culture.

  • Hand Crafted: Ethically crafted and beautifully designed by indigenous families from the highlands of Ecuador
  • Reversible Colors:  Celebrate Ecuadorian culture
  • Sustainable:  100% recycled acrylic is durable, easy to care for and soft to the touch
  • Perfect for Your Home or a Gift:  Use indoors or outdoors

Support Ecuadorian artisans!

Design: Achuar Blanket - Ash Grey
Size: Queen size 92" (234 cm) L x 82" (208 cm) W
Material: 100% recycled acrylic, hypoallergenic
Care: Hand wash or machine wash cold on gentle cycle. Tumble dry (in low heat). If stained, blot and absorb liquid as best you can and wash immediately so stain does not set. To maintain, use a small lint brush for any excess lint, brush along the fibers of the blanket (not against). End with ironing in the same direction.

Shipping: Approximately 7-10 days United States only

Each blanket is hand-crafted therefore there may be some slight variations. Every effort is made to display products as accurately as possible. Due to digital photography, lighting and color variability in computer and screen monitors there may be minor variations in the color of the actual product.

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Beyond Borders Collective creates beautiful, ethically handcrafted blankets celebrating Ecuadorian culture and the heritage practices and designs of indigenous families from the highlands of Ecuador.  The blankets are a symbol of bridging the gap between cultures, creating equitable partnerships that empower indigenous artisans with fair employment practices, pay and creative control. Bring Ecuadorian culture into your home.

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