Women's History Month: Celebrating Servane Mouazan

Women's History Month: Celebrating Servane Mouazan

Women's History Month may be coming to a close, but we want to share one more woman whose impact has been too large to ignore. Servane Mouazan, is dedicated to supporting women led startups.  A common thread to how these women live there lives has emerged; find your passion, don't give up, don't let anyone tell you no and change will happen. The inspiration I have felt researching and writing these posts has been immeasurable. Thank you to all the women who have paved the way before us so we may continue the journey.

Servane Mouazan - Founder of Oguntê, a B Corp certified Community Interest Company (CIC)

Like many women Servane Mouazan's life has had some twists and turns, but speaking 5 languages has helped her cultivate a global network of impact driven women dedicated to spearheading conscious social entrepreneurship. Servane Mouazan created the Women’s Social Leadership Award  and Make a Wave to aide women led initiatives to grow and successfully scale up. The mission was to help 250 women grow 250 social businesses in 250 days. Working with the Match International Women’s Fund an Equality Fund supporting women and girls projects all over the world and Womanity Foundation investing in evidence-based programs to combat gender-based violence Servane Mouazan is committed to inspiring women to help women.

We hope you have been inspired by some of the women we celebrated this month.  We know there are so many more women throughout the world doing amazing things and inspiring future generations.

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