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The Savvy Elephant is Born

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It takes 22 months for a calf (Baby elephant) to be born and the team at The Savvy Elephant understands the importance of taking time to create something magnificent.

I traveled A LOT and friends and family knew gifts from me would be unique.  Wrapped with love, memories of a recent trip and a good story about the people I met along the way. 

When the traveling stopped, the need for gifts did not, and a healthy home became more important than ever.  A dear friend felt the same and we found ourselves bookmarking companies with positive mission statements and transparency around their process and materials. 

So, in 2021 The Savvy Elephant was born creating an online marketplace for savvy consumers to source sustainable and fair-trade products.  We are busy behind the scenes researching companies that meet our criteria for responsible living.

Sometimes we have to dig past the clutter and step around the obvious to find the extraordinary. In doing so we support those that share our values and are committed to a positive lifestyle and a healthy planet.  We figured if it is important to us, it is important to others. We created a marketplace for people to find products that inspire and a newsletter to cut through the misperceptions. 

Each week we highlight companies we think do it right, dive into the myriad of terminology and share books that inspire. 

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Doing It Right – Hilana Logo

We launched The Savvy Elephant with Hilana, a women owned, certified B Corporation committed to using sustainable cotton and fair labor practices without sacrificing quality.  In three years Hilana has upcycled more than 5 tons of cotton waste and saved more than 15 million of water.  Produced with zero waste, no dyes and no chemicals their regenerated cotton results in soft, beautiful throws, towels, table linens and bathrobes that get better and softer with every wash. Hilana products are compact, lightweight, absorbent and dry quickly making them great for everyday use or to pack in a suitcase for that long-awaited trip.

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