Smart Everything Increases Demand for Renewal Energy

Smart Everything Increases Demand for Renewal Energy

The word smart suggests an elevated intelligence. This has expanded to the advanced functionality expected in smart phones, smart cars, smart homes, smart materials and the list continues to grow. Behind all these technological advancements is data. In an increasingly digitalized world the demand for data centers is growing and so is energy consumption.

Research summarized in Science Magazine suggests that 1% of global electricity is used to run data centers, doubling this past decade and expected to triple or quadruple in the next decade.  Who needs all the data centers? Big Tech and as their need rises, they are shaping the renewable energy market. Amazon recently announced plans to purchase 14 new solar and wind plants globally and they are not alone. Google, Facebook, Microsoft have all invested in renewable energy accounting for nearly 30% of global renewal energy purchases by corporations

This is great news when concerned about reducing carbon emissions. According to the International Energy Agency renewable energy was the only energy source to see an increase in demand last year and renewable electricity capacity is forecasted to grow around 25% this year.

There are many times when I yearn for simpler days and wonder if the societal cost of a digitalized world makes all these smart products worth it, but if renewable energy is being funded by these advancements it seems like a fair trade.

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