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Sustainable art. What does that mean?

Sustainable art has been around for a while, although definitions vary depending on who you ask.  Some artists champion environmental causes in their ideology. Others use found objects or sustainable materials as their medium.  For historical context here are a few notable sustainable artists. There are many more, if we missed one you are particularly fond of add a comment down below.

Robert Smithson: The Collected Writings by Jack Flam, Robert Smithson  Robert Smithson created Earthworks during the 60's and 70's. For his work Spiral Jetty, Smithson created a spiral extending 1,500 feet into the Great Salt Lake in Utah which can still be seen today depending on water levels. His writings can be found in Robert Smithson: The Collected Writings (1996), edited by Jack Flam.

Agnes Denes - Created Rice/Tree/Burial in 1968 considered by some to be one of the first large scale site-specific artists with ecological concerns.

Mel Chin
- Developed Revival Field (1989-ongoing), pioneering “green remediation,” using plants to remove toxins and metals from soil. 

Pam Longobardi - The Drifters Project uses plastic collected off Hawaiian shores to visualize global consumption.

We also want to acknowledge artisans preserving traditional techniques and cultural heritage by adding a Hand Crafted icon in our shop. These products and artists embrace history and time honored processes creating unique, one of kind items. 

Doing It Right - JFR Glass Logo

JFR Glass is the expression of Jared F. Rosenacker's years as an artist working and exploring the glass blowing scene. His hand crafted, unique, one of kind glassware are formed by blending ancient glass techniques with a modern flare. Working with local suppliers JFR Glass supports local, small businesses and all packaging is eco-friendly. JFR Glass is preserving blown, sculpted and cast glass processes that have been around since the 1st century BC. 

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