If Our Walls Could Talk: Non Toxic Paint for a Healthier Home

If Our Walls Could Talk: Non Toxic Paint for a Healthier Home

Walls are one of the biggest surfaces in our homes so why aren't we more concerned about the materials we put on them? You probably know about the health issues surrounding lead paint which thankfully is not used anymore, but make sure to use a professional if trying to remove it. Technology has come a long way and so has the number of paint products available to you. 

Traditional latex paint products smell awful and inhaling paint fumes can lead to irritated eyes, headaches, dizziness, difficulty breathing, and, over prolonged periods of time organ damage especially to the kidney, brain and liver. To protect yourself while painting here are a few tips:

  • Keep the area well ventilated by opening windows and using fans for two - three days
  • Cover all surfaces not being painted so they don't absorb particles
  • Light a candle to burn away some of the particles
  • Wear a mask and googles
  • Wash your face and hands thoroughly after painting

 VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) are being released into the air and there are many products available that state they are low or no VOC, but if you have a specific chemical sensitivity it is important to check product data sheets because low or no VOC doesn't mean there aren't other harmful chemicals in the product.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has a list of Ecolabels for product recommendations. Specifically for interior paint a few relevant labels are:

If you are looking for natural interior paint lime, clay or milk paint are good alternatives to traditional water based synthetic paints and each has its own pro's and con's.

Lime paint is crushed limestone, but chemicals may be added to create different tints (colors) so look for a product that uses organic or earth pigments. The result is usually a matte or suede like finish with no sheen.  With no acrylic it will absorb into natural materials which makes lime paint a good choice for painting brick. Clay and chalk paints may not hold up well to frequent cleaning or in locations such as bathrooms. Milk paint is 100% natural, toxin free, biodegradable and often comes in powder form. Use a natural oil or wax as a top coat for added protection.   Some paint companies you might want to check out:

All paints have minerals, a binder and solvent so it is critical to do your homework if you know you are sensitive to a specific chemical. Also, the ease of application and desired look may sway you to use one product over another. Share a picture of your latest painting project on one of our social media channels.

Below are some brands we believe are going above an beyond to provide sustainable products and our Inspiring Reads section has recommendations for books on the history of paint and healthy living.

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Inspiring Reads - BetterWorldBooks.com

Fund literacy and protect the planet when you buy books from Certified B Corporation, Better World Books. We hope the books mentioned below inspire your journey.

 Colour: Making and Using Dyes and Pigments

Colour: Making and Using Dyes and Pigments
by Francois Delamare

From the 40000-years-old painted caves at Lascaux and the medieval cloth trade to the synthetic chemistry of modern times, colour making has been central to our lives. This book surveys the history of dyes and pigments, the invention of new colours, and the industries that fuelled them.

Perfect Palette : Fifty Inspired Color Plans for Painting Every Room in Your Home

Perfect Palette : Fifty Inspired Color Plans for Painting Every Room in Your Home
by Bonnie Rosser Krims

This guide offers a method of selecting and combining paint colours for the home decorator. It contains plans covering every room in the house, a useful listing of colour reference numbers from major paint manufacturers, and practical tips and advice.


Buy Books, Spread Literacy

In Case You Missed It - 

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VIVAIA-Eco-friendly Footwear

Santicler manufactures beautiful, easy to care for women's apparel, made with nontoxic materials from renewable resources for the lowest environmental impact . Committed to social responsibility, material ethically sourced and zero waste processes. Packaging is recycled or biodegradable materials without compromising on quality.  As summer winds down we encourage you to jump to their site and get ready for cooler weather with soft, luxurious apparel and accessories. Shop Santicler products.

East Fork Pottery takes a stand for social equality.  Partnering with community outreach organizations to stretch outside their comfort zone; paying employees a living wage, they are now working towards increasing wages to a family living wage.  Receiving Carbon Neutral Certification and B Corporation Certification has inspired them to make even greater changes. East Fork's About Page was part of our inspiration for starting The Savvy Elephant. AND we haven't even touched on how stunning and beautiful their pottery is!  See for yourself by clicking through to the East Fork Website.  

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