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Healthy Meals Are More Than Just Choosing The Right Foods

You meal prep to provide you and your family with healthy meals, but it is more than just choosing the right foods. Are you creating a healthy environment?

Keep it Comfortable

If your kitchen is doing double duty for remote work and school, make sure the lighting is adjustable and suitable for reading. The chairs and tabletop are ergonomic and there is an easily accessible place to charge up because not everyone is a ninja and able to jump over or under cords.

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Keep it Organized

You want people to be self-sufficient; keep an outlet available. Don't clutter your counter keep small appliances like the toaster and smoothie maker grouped together in a cabinet. Open shelves are great, baskets enable you to group things like tea bags in one place, and labeled jars mean people know the difference between salt and sugar.

Keep The Good Stuff Visible

Be ready for snack attacks with a fruit bowl on the counter. In the refrigerator keep fresh food up front. Hide the ice cream, it may be what you got up for, but you might see something else first and distract yourself.

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Use Organic and Natural Materials

 Most dinnerware is clay heated and then glazed so you want to make sure both clay and glaze are free of lead and cadmium. Stay away from cheap imports and if it's cracked or chipped throw it out. As a renewable wood, bamboo dishware is eco-friendly and durable, but be sure the manufacturer is not using adhesives or melamine as a binder. Switch to cloth napkins, tablecloths, and placemats instead of paper or plastic, and make sure it is a natural fiber like organic cotton.

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Stop Using Plastic

Buying in bulk, meal prepping for the week, or saving leftovers. How you store food is critical. Plastic seems easy, but it is one of the worst synthetic materials for the environment and your health. Use glass storage containers that can go from fridge to freezer to microwave. Wrap foods in beeswax paper, they are reusable and really keep things fresh. Label with the date so you know how old it is.

That goes for your dish soap, sponges, and dishwasher detergent. Switch over to natural, biodegradable brushes, sponges, and solid soap.  

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