Ethically Handcrafted Sustainable Wood Furniture From Masaya & Co

Ethically Handcrafted Furniture For Your Sustainable Home

We are excited to kick off our eco-friendly furniture collection by offering ethically handcrafted, sustainably sourced seating by Masaya & Co. 

Masaya & Co Sustainable Furniture

Based in Nicaragua, Masaya & Co is a sustainable furniture company that strives to make a difference. They make furniture with purpose, using sustainably sourced wood to create heirloom quality furniture. Their team of experts and local artisans make handcrafted, handwoven furniture that integrates modern and contemporary design with traditional artisan production methods.

Masaya & Co is based in Nicaragua, a Central American country renowned for being a land rich in nature and culture. Named after the artisanal town of Masaya, also known as the country’s cradle of folklore Masaya & Co wants to share the spirit and traditional craftsmanship of Masaya with the world, and what better way to do so than with quality, handcrafted furniture.

Committed to changing the way we consume. Masaya & Co strives to be the responsible alternative to mass-produced goods. Successfully creating a sustainable model that vertically integrates their reforestation and sustainable forestry practices with their finished products. Each furniture piece is handcrafted and handwoven by skilled artisans, ensuring that every piece is completely unique.

Masaya & Co From Seed to Seat

“From Seed to Seat” Masaya & Co is dedicated to design and sustainability. Their products are handmade from sustainably sourced solid wood and offer a responsible alternative to mass produced goods. Opting for wood as a primary building material, since it is one of the greatest renewable building resources on the planet. 

The Masaya & Co process starts in their nurseries, where more than 200,000 seedlings are cultivated over a 3-month period. These trees are then planted on land spent by cattle farming, with the purpose of reforesting the area and returning the land to its natural use. By the fourth year, the canopy is formed and the forest begins to return. The first thinning occurs at year eight, when selected trees are sent to their milling facilities to then be transformed into the beautiful, handcrafted furniture pieces you receive at home. To date, Masaya & Co has planted over a million trees. 

Stay tuned as we add more sustainable furniture to this collection.

Masaya & Co Sustainable Furniture

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