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Do Your Kids Keep Asking You to Do More To Save the Planet?

Our kids come home excited about the school garden they just started, or the recycling program in the cafeteria and they want you to do more. As adults we know how important it is to reduce waste and we don't want to disappoint our kids, but it takes everything you've got just to pay the bills and get dinner on the table.

Even if you don't have a backyard or garden to compost yourself, saving your food scraps is a small step that will lead to a lot of positive change. Some cities have curbside pick up programs (I'm watching you LA), search here for drop off locations throughout the US or call 311 for a local resource. Ask your local school, community garden or neighbor if they take donations. 

What Type of Bin to Use

Start small, use an old milk carton and keep it in your freezer so it doesn't start to smell. Here is one of our favorite counter top composters from Zero Waste Store. These are hassle free ways to save your food scraps.

Zero Waste Store Countertop Compost Bin

Countertop Compost Bin - Bamboo Fiber Composter, Dishwasher Safe, 1.25 Gal.,

What To Save During Meal Prep and Snack Time

Food scraps to collect for composting

What to Avoid

Foods NOT to save for composting
Turn saving food scraps into a fun family event, get your kids involved in meal prep and clean up duties by having them sort out the good stuff.  Still have too much trash? Stay tuned for more tips on how to reduce waste throughout your house. 
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Fund literacy and protect the planet when you buy books from Certified B Corporation, Better World Books. To date, Better World Books has donated over 35 million books, raised over $34 million to fund literacy programs and libraries, and reused or recycled over 450 million books keeping them out of our landfills.

Buy Books. Save Green. Fund Literacy.

Doing it Right - ZWS

Shop Now at Zero Waste Store to make your daily routine zero waste, sustainable, cruelty free, vegan and plastic free. Offering a wide range of essentials for your house, hair, body and more. Vetted products are packaged plastic free, ship carbon neutral and they donate to 1% for the planet. Every small change has a big impact so start today.Zero Waste Kitchen Products

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ECOS Paints - Environmentally friendly, water-based paints for your home that is non-toxic, zero VOC and hand crafted in their South Carolina plant. Exceptional coverage up to 560 sq. ft. per gallon and a transparent ingredient list make ECOS Paints the healthy home choice.

 ECOS Paints - Paint you can feel good about

East Fork Pottery takes a stand for social equality.  Partnering with community outreach organizations to stretch outside their comfort zone; paying employees a living wage, they are now working towards increasing wages to a family living wage.  Receiving Carbon Neutral Certification and B Corporation Certification has inspired them to make even greater changes. East Fork's About Page was part of our inspiration for starting The Savvy Elephant. AND we haven't even touched on how stunning and beautiful their pottery is!  See for yourself by clicking through to the East Fork Website.  

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