Cryptocurrency the Latest Energy Suck

Cryptocurrency the Latest Energy Suck

Returning to the airport in Iceland a few years ago I remember driving through a "town", quickly built to support cryptocurrency mining.  For such a beautiful country this place was ugly, but I remember thinking it makes sense. Iceland's inexpensive geothermal power and cool climate help keep mining farms relatively inexpensive to run, and still trying to recover from the 2008 financial crisis I understood the country's embrace to boost jobs and their economy.

Fast forward to 2018 and according to a KPMG report, 90% of the power consumption of Iceland's data centers was for crypto mining, with only 360,000 inhabitants it is not inconceivable to exceed the power required to heat homes, but still. How is that even possible? Warehouses filled with mining rigs comprised of graphic cards run 24/7 and require cooling systems to avoid overheating. A great article in Cnet breaks it down. A rig with three GPUs can consume 1,000 watts of power, equivalent to a medium-size window AC unit turned on. Kazakhstan has one location with 50,000 mining rigs.

The Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index estimates that Bitcoin mining uses more energy than Argentina!

Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index Annualized

Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index Transaction

Is cryptocurrency going the route of big tech data centers discussed last week investing in clean energy to support their energy consumption? According to a study by The University of Cambridge that does not appear to be the case finding 70% of miners based their decision on what coin to mine on the daily reward amount and only 30% considered energy consumption.  

Ethereum 2.0 is implementing a proof of stake upgrade that will reduce energy consumptionCardano is also implementing a proof of stake protocol and  touted as the environmentally friendly cryptocurrency its value went up significantly, but is it all worth it?  Does the world even need cryptocurrencies in the first place? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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