2021 Holiday Gift Guide: Shop Your Values, Support USA Made!

2021 Holiday Gift Guide: Shop Your Values, Support USA Made!

We vet USA made brands to ensure they are committed to balancing purpose and profit by considering the impact of every decision on their US workers, suppliers, communities, customers and environment. These brands believe their success can and should be a force for good, not just improving the bottom line or increasing investor dividends. Be proud to buy sustainable American made products that benefit your health and wellness. Read more below about USA Made brands that also give back by fighting hunger in America and supporting breast cancer survivors.

The Savvy Elephant Shop USA Made Sustainable Candles

Sanari founder Rebecca Aghalarpourhas is a breast cancer survivor and after her diagnosis wanted to rid her home of toxic chemicals, but also longed for her tradition of burning candles to relax. These vegan, organic, candles are USA made in California, eco-friendly, environmentally conscious and sustainable.  5% of Sanari retail sales are donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Experience the love that flows through each Sanari candle yourself, or, present it as a gift to share with someone important to you.  SHOP NOW

Shop The Savvy Elephant USA Made Sustainable Tea TowelsPCB Home creates beautiful, USA made, handcrafted home décor accessories with a restrained design aesthetic that will compliment every style of home. The founders believe in gifting a positive impact on the lives of others by offering meaningful home décor that celebrates love and speaks truth by embracing life's meaningful moments.  SHOP NOW  
The Savvy Elephant Shop USA Made Sustainable Candles
Buck Ridge Soap Company celebrates its small town heritage and started making soaps from local goat milk and other local farm ingredients. Expanding their product line and ensuring their scents do not leave "Men" behind their candles are USA made, hand poured, all natural soy wax with cherry wood wicks.  Support small USA communities and a company committed to using all natural ingredients in everything they produce.  SHOP NOW
Shop USA Made Sustainable ArtworkMichelle Cairlo-Hayes is an award-winning artist, creator and story-teller inspired by fables and legends. She photographs and illustrates each inspiration and weaves images together to create unique digital collages. Environmentally responsible Michelle uses reclaimed wood, discarded books and non-toxic varnish on all her original pieces or art.  SHOP NOW


We think these products are perfect gifts for anyone and you are supporting brands that are transparent in their desire to put people over profit within the USA. These brands are committed to making a sustainable impact with regenerative products that encourage a circular economy while working with local small businesses so Main Street America can thrive.


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We may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you from the links below and we think these companies are worth sharing.

Inspiring Reads -  BetterWorldBooks.com

Fund literacy and protect the planet when you buy books from Certified B Corporation, Better World Books. To date Better World Books has donated over 31 million books, raised over $32 million to fund literacy programs and libraries and reused or recycled over 386 million books keeping them out of our landfills.

Buy Books, Spread Literacy

In Case You Missed It - 

AKS - Two sisters passionate about women's development and the planet established Aks which in Urdu language means reflection. 80% of women's lives in emergent nations is connected to textiles so they focus on manufacturing a product connected to the lives of women.  Hand embroidered sneakers are made using Fairtrade certified organic cotton with 100% natural rubber outer soles. No plastic, no man made synthetics, no toxic chemicals and no blends makes it safer for the women picking the cotton and saves 92% water compared to conventional cotton. The hand embroidery preserves a heritage craft and results are comfortable, beautiful, one of a kind, lightweight, naturally bio-degradable sneakers. What you wear is a reflection of you so shop AKS now.

VIVAIA offers a wide selection of comfortable, stylish women's shoes that are eco-friendly and zero waste by using upcycled materials and 3D technology. Plastic bottles are recycled to make thread, wool comes from happy sheep, infused herbs neutralize insole odors, carbon-free outsoles, simple packaging from recycled cardboard and a commitment to audit and monitor factory conditions for fair, safe employee first working conditions using renewable energy.  Flats are machine washable, heeled shoes hand washing recommended.  Click on your personal style and step into conscious comfort.

VIVAIA Boots   VIVAIA New Collections   VIVAIA Loafers   

VIVAIA-Eco-friendly Footwear

Santicler manufactures beautiful, easy to care for women's apparel, made with nontoxic materials from renewable resources for the lowest environmental impact . Committed to social responsibility, material ethically sourced and zero waste processes. Packaging is recycled or biodegradable materials without compromising on quality.  As summer winds down we encourage you to jump to their site and get ready for cooler weather with soft, luxurious apparel and accessories. Shop Santicler products.

East Fork Pottery takes a stand for social equality.  Partnering with community outreach organizations to stretch outside their comfort zone; paying employees a living wage, they are now working towards increasing wages to a family living wage.  Receiving Carbon Neutral Certification and B Corporation Certification has inspired them to make even greater changes. East Fork's About Page was part of our inspiration for starting The Savvy Elephant. AND we haven't even touched on how stunning and beautiful their pottery is!  See for yourself by clicking through to the East Fork Website.  

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