16 Best Tips To Help Your Overnight Guests Feel Welcome This Holiday Season

16 Best Tips To Help Your Overnight Guests Feel Welcome This Holiday Season

You want your guest to be happy and healthy. Here are a few items that will ensure you and they have a relaxing time.

The Bathroom

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If you are fortunate to have a full guest bathroom then a lot of people reading this are really jealous, if you are sharing an already overused bathroom decluttering is essential. In either case you want guests to know what is theirs to use and where to put their things.

Toiletries - Create a basket with soap, lotion, razor, cotton swaps, makeup removers, band aides, hand sanitizer, shampoo, conditioner, shower cap, comb, nail file, clipper, sewing kit, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash. Keep it gender neutral and fragrant free unless you know what your guest uses in their home. I replenish this after guests leave so it is always ready for the next one.

Put the basket on a shelf, in a clean drawer, or on the vanity so your guest knows this is a dedicated spot for them to use during their stay.

Add some extra wall hooks or an over-the-door rack with a nameplate so your guest knows which towel is theirs and where to leave their wet ones.

When bathroom space is limited I place newish, matching, freshly laundered towels (face, hand, towel, and sheet size) in a stack on the bed for guests to use what they want.

Keep a hairdryer and outlet readily available. Lots of people travel with electric toothbrushes or shavers that they may want to plug in.

Don't forget air freshenera clean toilet brush, extra toilet paper and plunger. Travel and staying in unfamiliar places can wreck havoc on people's digestion.

Encourage guests to do some of their rituals in another area by creating a vanity area or placing a make up mirror with light and magnifier near where they are sleeping.


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A good nights sleep means different things to different people so allow for personal preferences. 

The Bed - Layer the bed with different types of pillows, blankets or throws so they can use what they want. Everything should be clean, coordinated and newish. Nobody wants to pull off the sheets at the end of their stay to find a stained mattress cover.

Some people are more sensitive to light so try to create a sleeping space that is dark or provide a fun sleeping mask.

Noise is another issue, city folks may wake up from the chirping birds or be better at tuning out garbage trucks and other street noise. Maybe it's the garage door opening or kids, well just being kids. Provide a radio or small fan for white noise

The fan or electric heater depending on your climate and time of year will also help guests regulate the temperature.

I like to keep a bathrobe and slippers available for guests either in the bathroom or sleeping area because some things you just can't un-see.

Many people take medications either first thing in the morning or at night so keep a carafe of water and drinking glass available. Snacks are also helpful.

Sleep apnea is common so be sure there is an outlet for them to plug into. Keep a multi power plug nearby for phone chargers and any other electronics.

Remember you live there too! Do not give up all your comforts and habits to accommodate a guest. If you do not get a good night sleep or are late for work because someone unknowingly jumped in the bathroom at the wrong time, no one is happy. Setting some expectations ahead of time gives everyone peace of mind.

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