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13+ Sustainable Gift Ideas to Help You Relax During the Holidays

Life is stressful enough and the holidays add even more pressure. The effects of continual stress impacts our physical and mental health, just when we need it the most.  Spa therapy is known to improve circulation, reduce inflammation in the body, and enhance the body's autoimmune response, but we can't all take a weekend trip to our favorite spa resort. Making time for ourselves, even if it is just a few minutes a day is also beneficial and can combat depression, boost confidence, promote relaxation, encourage better sleep, and aid in overall stress reduction.

Water, fire, earth, wood, and metal all have healing properties that we individually connect with on different levels. We're sharing some fabulous products that incorporate natural elements to encourage you and your loved ones to stop, take a breath, and enjoy the moment.

Bath time is not just for kids

Tourquios and yellow upcycled cotton unisex bathrobe Water heals, whether we are soaking in a hot bath, swimming in mineral springs, or listening to the gentle flow of a nearby stream. Use this lightweight, soft upcycled cotton bathrobe to transport you in and out of the tub, at your local swimming hole, or your gym. Amply sized to comfortably fit every shape and compact enough to travel with.


hand poured all natural soy candles to help you relax Fire warms the heart and different fragrances can set the mood, get you going in the morning, take you back to a childhood memory, or help you relax after a long hard day. All natural soy, hand-poured candles are layered with subtle hints of your favorite scents and chemical-free so take a deep breath and breathe. 

Let nature in

Aloe Vera has healing properties Earth is natures bounty. Keeping and caring for indoor plants is a wonderful way to take a moment and nurture nature. Don't have a green thumb, there are plenty of easy-to-care-for live plants that can purify the air, and aloe vera is known for other healing properties. 


When you can't physically get away take a mental trip with unique, one of kind art blocks. Sturdy enough to sit on a shelf or hang a collection and let these images make you smile.

Blankets and pillows keep you cozy all year long

Organic cotton throws in blue

 Reading your favorite book, catching the sunset, hugging your coffee or favorite wine, everything is better wrapped in beautiful handwoven blankets.


Organic cotton natural dyes Better Together lumbar pillow

Add some whimsy with organic cotton throw pillows.


Surround yourself with natural materials

 Keep your bath crystals in a beautiful acacia wood bowl to easily add at bath time.



Marble trays are perfect for showing off your favorite candle.


 Stash face clothes, bath bombs and other goodies in handwoven baskets. Find the perfect size for your spa collection.



Furniture made for relaxing

Time out is just what the Doctor ordered in a hand woven rocking chair.
These sturdy sustainable wood tables are big enough for your daily mindfulness items and small enough to fit anywhere.

Have five minutes to spare, kick back and put your feet up.


Eco-friendly gift wrapping

Eco-Friendly Natural Jute Love Gift Bag

Carry your gift easily in a reusable jute bag that you can use all year long.


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