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10 Best Ways to Reduce Noise Pollution in Your Home

Last week we touched on health concerns for people and animals related to increasing levels of noise pollution.  Sounds 85 decibels or higher can harm a persons ears, but what does that actually sound like? Consider the following common sounds; rustling leaves (20 to 30 decibels), thunderclap (120 decibels), sirens (120 to 140 decibels), power lawn mowers (90 decibels), subway trains (90 to 115 decibels), loud rock concerts (110 to 120 decibels).  How many are you exposed to on a daily if not hourly basis?

While successful commercial spaces are designed to mitigate sound levels. More and more people are working from home so this week we want to share 10 best practices to reduce noise in your home.

 Window with Drapery Windows - Double glazing is an excellent way to reduce noise from the outside.  Can't upgrade install drapery panels in front of your windows to absorb noise.
Trees Graphic Landscape - Planting trees is good for the environment and acts as a natural buffer from your noisy neighbors.
Fence Graphic Fencing - Acts as a buffer and let's be honest there are some things you would rather not see anyway.
Carpet Graphic Carpet - Wall to wall may not be your thing, but laying area rugs over hard surfaces will help.
Sofa Graphic Furniture - Placing sofas or bookshelves against the wall absorbs noise from neighbors or kids.
Wall Art Acoustic Wall Panels - Decorative wall panels in felt or other soft absorbing materials dress up any room.  Vintage blankets or small area rugs can also be hung on a wall.
Water Feature Graphic White Noise - This may seem counter intuitive, but adding a soft, relaxing sound such as a water feature will mask harsher sounds and help you relax.
Dishwasher Graphic Equipment - When choosing appliances pay attention to the sound rating and shoot for 40-50 dB.  Outside your home equipment can be higher, 70-80 dB, but think about location. Is your HVAC compressor outside a bedroom window?
Quiet Zone Graphic Quiet Zone - Pick a particular area in the home to use the ideas above, or determine a particular time of day if spaces are multi-functional. 
Neighborhood Graphic Be a Good Neighbor - You may be a night owl, but are your neighbors? Some communities have quiet time rules for loud noise. Be considerate when having a party, running equipment, or doing home improvements.

Did we miss something? Share your best tip below.

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