10 Best Ways to Reduce Light Pollution in Your Home

10 Best Ways to Reduce Light Pollution in Your Home

More and more studies are showing the impact light pollution is having on our health. Last week we identified the different types of light pollution and the effect on people, animals and the planet.  In our 24/7 go, go, go world we need light, but how do get it where we need it, when we need it, and in a healthy way so we can still sleep at night.

Here are our top 10 ways to use light in a way that is healthy for you and everyone around you.

Timer Graphic
Timers - Does the outside light really need to be on all night long? Install timers so lights go out. 
Light Off Graphic
Motion Sensors - Do you leave a light on for when you come home at night? Set a motion sensor and the light will go on when you need it.
Street Light Graphic
Full Shield - These outdoor lights direct light down where you need it most, protecting the sky and your neighbors from any unwanted light source.
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Too Much Light - Think about the type of light you need for the task before turning on every light in the house. 
Window Drapery
Shades / Blinds - Keep your inside lights, inside. Draw the shades.
Light Switch
Dimmers - Set the mood and install dimmer switches. You will save energy and your eyes.
Light Bulb Graphic
Color Temperature - Look for Kelvins around 3000 for a natural daylight color that is safer for your eyes.
Eye Glasses
Blue Light Glasses - Also called anti-fatigue for a reason.
Cell Phone
Screen Filters - Physical protectors you can put over your phone or computer to filter out blue light.
Computer Screen
Apps - Most technology today have settings to adjust for day and nighttime use. If not there are some good apps such as F.lux for iPhones and iPads or Twilight for smartphones and tablets.

What do you do to limit light pollution? Leave a comment below and we will add it to the list.

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